arthurslade (arthurslade) wrote,

The "Modo: Ember's End" Rockin' Referral Contest!

Okay, it's hard to put "referral" in the title of a blog and make it exciting.

How about this: whoever refers the most people to our Modo: Ember's End page on will receive a page of original art from the comic book. A collector's item that is only available at the $150.00 "perk" level. You could win it shipped directly to your door by steampunk storks.

All you have to do is sign up at and click on our campaign page.  You'll see something like the image below:

From there you just hit the "tweet" or "like" or any of the other "share" buttons. Indiegogo will do the rest (alas you do have to sign up with indiegogo before you share the campaign because that's the only way we can track who has done the referring...but hey, you don't have to buy anything). The more people you refer to our campaign the better your chance of winning (at this point the highest referrer is at 12 people referred).

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway--Chris Steininger and I are really thankful for all the word of mouth that is going on with this campaign. And this is a concrete way to reward one of you for that help.


Tags: comics, contest, graphic novels, indiegogo, writing

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